PS5 update fixes major missing apps – one year after Xbox Series X

BBC iPlayer has finally arrived on PS5, bringing the popular UK streaming service to the latest PlayStation console.

While the PS5 is primarily aimed at gaming, there’s no denying that the vision for a media center console in the living room has come to fruition, and it’s increasingly important for gaming machines to support a wide variety. streaming apps, especially for falling smart TVs. behind in this area.

A blog post from the BBC states that “We are still working to make iPlayer available on as many platforms as possible, and we are delighted to add the PS5 to the more than 15,000 devices on which BBC iPlayer is already available.

“From today, PS5 owners can add the BBC iPlayer app by going to the Media tab on the PS5 home screen and selecting BBC iPlayer from the All apps section. will add BBC iPlayer to the application library and make it available for use directly from the PlayStation home screen. “

We’re happy to note that the iPlayer app on PS5 supports 4K resolution right off the bat, and anyone hoping to use their console to watch TV while on vacation will have plenty of options, whether it’s the special Christmas from Doctor Who or the latest David Attenborough. documentary.

As always, however, it’s strange to see Sony taking its time with this kind of app support, given that the Xbox Series X and Series S have had the iPlayer app since December 2020.

Analysis: Slow and steady winning the race?

It’s hard to deny that the Xbox platform is a bit more aggressive when it comes to support for specific apps and formats. We’ve heard direct from Microsoft that the ability to play Dolby Vision HDR on the latest Xbox consoles isn’t part of any exclusivity deal – so it looks like conversations with PlayStation to do the same are just taking a little longer.

While there are some features exclusive to PlayStation – such as console activity cards – there is certainly a feeling that Xbox is outdoing its competitor when it comes to the overall usability of the console. Just think of the hassle of installing a larger PS5 SSD, versus the ease of use of an Xbox expansion card?

Ultimately, PlayStation does not need to move forward at the same pace as Xbox, as a market leader. But that complacency can cause resentment among gamers – it was absurd, after all, that Bluetooth audio support was technically possible on the Nintendo Switch years ago, but the software patch wasn’t implemented. than this year.

Either way, you can’t watch iPlayer (or a lot of other things) on the Switch, so we’re assuming PlayStation is still ahead of that front.

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