If you are buying a home, here are the best credit offers!


More and more banks are acquiring MNB approved “qualified consumer friendly” home loans. For this reason, we examined – before launching a mass supply – what kind of home loans do banks offer? It is very surprising that there is already a 2.16 percent interest rate on the housing market in Hungary. If we ask for a fixed rate for 5 years, so that we still have the same installment, then with an even higher income, the interest payable is almost 3.8%.

The first consumer friendly home loan has been released on 23.06.2017. With our calculator you can find the cheapest home loans in Hungary.

Essential points of a consumer friendly home loan? 


The starting point is:

We buy a used home for $ 20 million, take a $ 10 million home loan with a term of 15 years so that we can justify our net income of $ 250,000 and transfer it to the lending bank, use credit card and other services.

Look at our calculator, if your income parameters or other options are not exactly what kind of home loan they could get on favorable terms.

The interest period is a very important factor


  • For variable rate loans, which may have a 3, 6, or 12 month interest period, you will have to pay a variable installment if the base rate changes over a specified period.
  • Choosing a longer term fixed rate (3,5,10,15,20 years) loan will make the repayment of the family more balanced, but it will be balanced and safe over the years.

The dream of a 3.5% fixed interest rate has existed for 25 years?

The dream of a 3.5% fixed interest rate has existed for 25 years?

Yes, hardly believable, but it does exist. These loans are offered by banks that also sell CSOK. The maximum amount that can be taken up is 10 million HUF, the support is possible for 25 years, which makes this long-term fixed interest rate and low repayment installment possible. This opportunity is a new home-builder, multiple-child CSOK. recommended for applicants. It’s called 10 + 10 Million Loans.

We calculated that the lowest APR available per bank was based on a home loan similar to the one described above, and at one of these banks, we looked at the 5 lowest deals, which you can see below.

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