How to save for your family vacation?

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You may be looking for last minute holidays to enjoy with your family or that you have already had, but there is a variable that does not change: the cost is always greater than the initial budget. Therefore we give you some advice in case you have to save in the coming months. There are certain measures that we can take for this and that will not cost us much effort, just dedicate them some time.

How to save for your family vacation?

  1. Watch your credit cards

We advise you to try to consolidate your debts and / or obtain a more advantageous interest for your credit cards. Another tip that we offer you is to leave all the cards at home except one or even cancel them, and stay with the one that has better conditions.

  1. Avoid eating out

For this we recommend that you take home food as much as possible, and reduce the expenses involved in going to restaurants and cafeterias. In addition, it has been seen that controlling the habit of drinking coffee in certain fashion chains, you can get to save a very substantial amount of money.

  1. Mount cooperatives

Lately these types of groups are being created given the advantages they offer us. Cooperatives can have different functions such as caring for children or making meals communally. The benefits that we can obtain are many:

  • Create affective and social ties within a community.
  • Create a sense of community and belonging.
  • Introduce children in a greater diversity of foods, adult figures of reference and ways of educating.
  • Save time and money
  • It gives us more peace of mind by being trusted people.
  1. Plan cheap vacations

Avoid going to hotels and, on the other hand, going on vacation with another family to share expenses can be two good measures to save on your vacation. Also, if you rent a house you can cut expenses on meals since you have the possibility of doing them at home. Also going camping can be a good option that also favors meeting other families.

  1. Buy intelligently

The biggest monthly expense in all households is food. In this area it is cheaper to buy wholesale and use coupons and cards that offer discounts. Also, it is preferable that you go shopping alone, after eating and with a specific list or planning and try not to leave it.

For other products such as clothing, baby equipment or furniture, go to second-hand stores or websites of used things. It can also be a way of saving going to outlets or to stores in the sales period, instead of in season.

  1. Control your budget

Plan in advance the amount of money you are going to use in fixed expenses such as food, clothing and household products, and put it in an account or envelope … This can be useful for you to have a budget to stick to and not spend more than the account. You can also use this system for other expenses such as leisure, mortgage, electricity or taxes.

  1. Find cheaper entertainment

In this sense you could consider renting movies or taking them from the library instead of going to the movies. There is also the option of going to the cinema in the mornings, early morning session or the days of the viewer to make it more economical.

Other forms of cheap entertainment can be organizing table games at home, going to events that are published on the Internet for free, or going to museums and exhibitions at a reduced rate.

  1. Cut out superfluous expenses

In this sense we can reduce costs in the following ways:

  • Using a single family vehicle and save on car insurance, gasoline, ITV …
  • Ask your company about electricity, water or gas in what way to reduce your payments.
  • Find phone companies that offer cheaper services or, within your company, cheaper options.
  • Practice sports in public sports areas instead of private gyms.
  1. Hire a family health insurance

When it comes to contracting insurance, it is better to centralize it instead of having each family member an independent insurance. This is because there is the possibility of having discounts on health insurance for families such as Aegon, where the discount is up to 15% on the insurance premium. It also has the advantage that, in case one of the members of the family requires private medical attention, it does not have to involve a very high cost, since not having private health insurance can eventually make us very expensive .

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