Governor Kim Reynolds backs legislation targeting textbooks

Gov. Kim Reynolds said Tuesday she supports legislation regarding controversial books in school libraries, citing the need for more transparency about what is on the shelves.

Driving the news: Books are the latest battle in schools as parents and conservative lawmakers decide to ban literature they deem inappropriate, which often includes sexual content, race or LGBTQ issues.

What she says: Reynolds, at a press conference, recommended a process for parents to find out what books are available in schools and providing a way for them to voice their concerns about the content of the material.

  • She did not say whether she supported the sanctions, but called for more transparency on the material provided to students as part of the classroom curriculum.
  • “It’s not necessarily top-down,” Reynolds said. “This is driven by parents. “

During this time, Republican Senate Education President Amy Sinclair said a priority is to draft a “parent’s bill of rights,” which gives families knowledge of what is being taught and lets them weigh or choose different options.

Between the lines: Sinclair said school libraries should have age-appropriate books, but no details were shared on what materials might be considered inappropriate.

  • Lawmakers are exploring a process that may require parental consent before accessing certain documents.

And after: Sinclair said no specific legislation has yet been drafted. Expect to see a bill this session, which begins January 10.

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