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12 best mystery books for teens

Choosing the best mystery books for teens is no easy task; the genre isn’t the most popular when it comes to young adult fiction, but of the many out there, there are just so many that are really, really great. And, unlike other genres, there is a good pedigree of …

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7 more books for Indigenous Heritage Month

The NOVL Here’s a little more about our partner: Join NOVL Nation for YA, Exclusive Previews, Monthly Book Box Giveaways, the NOVLtea Talk Show, and FREE Advance Access to Copies! Brought to you by @LittleBrownYR and home to Twilight, Kingdom of the Wicked, The Inheritance Games, Folk of the Air …

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Local author wants to inspire change through new books

Aspiring local author Melisha Singh recently celebrated the launch of her inspirational books “Visitations Of The Holy Kind” and “Time To Love You” at the Savera Hotel in Kharwastan this weekend. The 36-year-old had just published her very first novel earlier this month, “Time To Love You,” which was Singh’s …

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