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Want to buy a new vehicle? Rather interested in a used car? In search of an effective means of financing? The car loan is very popular with Belgians. More or less simple formality, the release of fast funds, easy payment: an overview of auto credit, so popular with consumers.

Learn more about our auto title loans

Many people are turning to an online auto title loan application at, a quick and easy process. The organization responds within 48 hours, an agreement is reached and the money is paid into the account of the applicant upon delivery of the contract. 

Comparison: an obligation

Before deciding on a financial institution, do not hesitate to compare. This is how you can find the best rates. Refer to this for online simulation tools!

Causes affecting auto car credit

Causes affecting auto car credit

The conditions of a car loan are caused to vary according to many factors, starting with the age of the vehicle. It should also be noted that the higher the amount borrowed, the lower the rate. The shorter the duration, the more interesting the acquisition cost of the car will be. However, to have peace of mind, you are advised to spread your repayments over a longer or shorter period, so as to have to pay monthly payments that you will be able to assume.

Ecology takes precedence

Have you set your sights on an ecological car? Good news! Thinking about our beautiful planet, your wallet is rewarded because you could possibly benefit from a lower rate, in addition to enjoying certain tax benefits. Interesting, no?

A zero-interest loan, possible?

Regularly offered by dealers, zero rate loans are logically popular with buyers. However, you must keep a cool head. This type of loan usually offers you more monthly payments than in the context of a traditional loan. Do your calculations before throwing your head first. You should also know that, in many cases, the zero-rated car loan is offered to those who wish to exchange their current vehicle for a new one. Better to inform yourself…

The different banking formulas

There are different forms of auto credit. The most common is the installment loan or loan assigned for which the purchase of the vehicle must be justified. This formula gives up to 120% of the price of the vehicle, to settle the insurance, possible repairs or putting into circulation. The personal loan without proof is another way to finance your car. In this case, the money can be used for other purposes. Balloon or renting credit is used very little by consumers. It consists of paying very low monthly payments for several months and paying a large sum at the end of the credit agreement.

Get help from your dealer

Get help from your dealer

Dealers also offer solutions so that everyone can purchase a vehicle in the right conditions. The installment sale, which requires the payment of 15% of the price of the vehicle before paying the monthly payments, and the most rependu. It is also the least expensive solution, but it requires good insurance coverage because unless you have paid 40% of the price of the vehicle, it belongs to the dealer. The second solution proposed is personal leasing. The majority of companies have a penchant for this formula, which must be contracted with an option to buy. The rental price depends on the services that go with it, such as the regularity of the interviews, the maximum mileage, the insurance formulas. By opting for personal leasing, the company saves tax and gains more time in vehicle maintenance.

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