5 new books by Cape Cod authors

The holidays are over, the weather is cold, and there are a myriad of other reasons you want to stay indoors and snuggle up with a book. Local authors have some ideas, with books published on a variety of topics published in recent months.

If cooking is your winter comfort, a Cape Cod family has collaborated on a book that offers ways to save money on those sky-high food prices, but with delicious, healthy recipes. Local poets have put together a collection of writings which gives a glimpse of this beautiful place we call our home.

For fiction readers, there’s a story of sisters uncovering secrets in their grandmother’s house on the island, a mysterious story set at the Dennis’ Cape Playhouse, and a political intrigue novel set in Europe. at the start of World War II. Looked:

“The $ 5 Foodie: Cook Better, Spend Less, Enjoy More”, by Lucy Holland and Carol Rizzoli, with Ethan Eron, Amanda Eron and Hugo Rizzoli (2021, independently published)

This family project began when the three children of Carol and Hugo, residents of Barnstable, left for college. Carol shared some easy and inexpensive homemade recipes with them and then, to fight against expensive restaurant meals, everyone contributed ideas to what started as a website (https://www.thefivedollarfoodie.com /) and now is this book. The 55 recipes and 11 menus, many of which were created and photographed in Cape Town’s kitchen, are designed to offer healthy and tasty ingredients at low cost, along with tips for shopping well and using the foods at hand. A portion of book sales supports organizations that alleviate hunger and provide nutrition education.

After decades of visiting Cape Town, Carol and Hugo, a culinary / cultural speaker and writer, collage / wood construction artist and chef by training, moved here full time in 2012. Her previous books include a dissertation with recipes , “Home in Royal Oak,” and “The Artist’s Table,” a collaboration with chefs including Julia Child. The co-directors of the $ 5 Foodie Project are Lucy Holland, who also teaches art history and has written two books on art for families, and Ethan Eron, who created the website with an emphasis on the cost of food. Amanda Eron brings her global cooking style to life after working as a sous chef in a Parisian bistro, testing recipes for two cookbooks, and attending an artistic cooking workshop in San Diego.

"A letter from Nana Rose," by Kristin Harper

“A Letter from Nana Rose”, by Kristin Harper (2020, Bookouture)

This is the third book in the “Dune Island” series for Harper, a Massachusetts resident who lives part-time in Eastham. The book was inspired by the story of her family vacationing in Cape Town and focuses on three sisters who must decide whether to sell or keep their beloved Nana’s summer home after her death. Their decision is complicated when they uncover family secrets that make them wonder how well they knew their grandmother – and how well they know each other. Harper says his books have sold over 60,000 copies worldwide; others in the series are “Aunt Ivy’s Cottage” (coming out in paperback this month) and “Summer at Hope Haven”.

“From the Farther Shore: Cape Cod & the Islands Through Poetry”, edited by Alice Kociemba, Robin Smith-Johnson and Rich Youmans

“From the Farther Shore: Cape Cod & the Islands Through Poetry”, edited by Alice Kociemba, Robin Smith-Johnson and Rich Youmans (2021, Bass River Press, an imprint of the Cape Cod Cultural Center in South Yarmouth)

This anthology of 118 contemporary poems by more than 75 writers is designed to “merge the exterior and interior landscapes of Cape Town and the islands so that the reader discovers, as for the first time, the spirit of a place that inhabits us”. These poems not only “converse with each other”, say the editors, but they “could not have been written anywhere else.” The editors accomplished this by creating ‘touchstones’ of subjects, places, famous people, and historical moments as a guide in choosing (over a year of sorting) which poems to include from the more than 1,000 submissions they have made. ‘they have received nearby and all over the world. country. The chosen poems are arranged geographically, with the book moving from the mainland to the islands, eventually leaving the area and living here in the offseason.

“Behind the Fourth Wall”, by Michael Solomowitz

“Behind the Fourth Wall”, by Michael Solomowitz (January 13, 2022, Black Rose Writing)

Solomowitz – a longtime screenwriter, freelance sports reporter, non-fiction writer, director and playwright who now lives on Cape Cod – put his first novel at the Cape Playhouse Theater in Dennis. There, New York writer Noah Miller comes to escape the grief of losing his family and oversee the summer production of his new show. But in what is described as a “story of hope and redemption, forgiveness and a second chance” as well as “the courage to face your darkest fears”, Noah falls victim to the deception of a new friend. and uncovers the mystery behind the death of his wife. Solomowitz’s play “Billy Buckner” was performed in November at the Curtain Call Theater in Braintree as part of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame: A Baseball-Themed Evening of Short Plays”.

"If war should come," by William N. Walker

“If War Were To Come” By William N. Walker (2021, independently published)

This is the fourth book by Walker, a West Yarmouth resident, in his Paul Muller series and it features political intrigue in the 1930s inspired by real but little-known events. The historical novel is set in the fall of 1939 as Muller’s character is “catapulted into a diplomatic cauldron of betrayal and betrayal as Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union threaten Europe with war on new fronts.” Walker’s previous novels include “Target Switzerland”, “Danzig” and “A Spy in Vienna”.

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